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Batting Cage Net and Frame Kit Packages

Our Standard back yard net and frame. Includes our Standard 2.5 mm / #36 poly twine netting. Twisted and knotted. They are hung on the square for a nice clean look. A more economical net for the back yard or league usage. They should hold up very well for 4-6 years of seasonal usage. The frame fittings for this setup use standard 10' long 1.25" EMT conduit tubing which can be purchased at most home improvement hardware stores. It will make a trapezoid design for wind stability. The net hangs on the inside of the frame. They do need to be staked down to prevent wind roll over. We supply everything you need except the conduit to put your frame and net up in about 2 hours time.

For the 12' wide nets we include a 2' piece of tubing for each crossbar to accommodate the extra width.

The benefit of the kit is the saved cost on shipping the frame tubing.
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