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Muhl Balls Pitch Location Mat Power Bag
Muhl Ball
Price Each $25.00
Pitch Location Mat
Our Price: $34.95
Power Bag
Price starts at $199.95
Develop hitting power! The Muhl Balls teach hitters to be strong through contact and encourages strong hip rotation. Muhl Balls weigh roughly 1 lb. and are extremely durable. Muhl Balls absorb bat impact without recoil and are recommended for use on a batting tee or during soft toss. Marked for LH or RH hitters, the Pitch Location Mat allows you to actually "see" where to make contact and where to drive the ball based on pitch location. Designed for use with the Advanced Skills Tee, the Brush Top Tee and the Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine, the mat is also invaluable as a throw down plate/mat for live arm and soft toss hitting drills. As a throw down plate it provides a reference for the batter to “hit the ball where it’s pitched”. Made of 1/4" thick solid rubber material. Molded graphics to reduce wear.
Develop Hitting Power!
The Power Bag will help hitters learn to drive through the ball, develops lower body torque and helps increase ball exit speeds.
Power Bag Package Institutional Power Zone Muhl Ball 3 Pack
Power Bag Package
Price starts at $549.00
Institutional Power Zone
Price Starts at $509.00
Muhl Ball 3 Pack
Our Price: $69.95
The Power Bag Package includes two Power Bags and the institutional stand. The Institutional Power Zone is a complete training station that targets accuracy and mechanics on one side and explosive power training on the other. The unit has wheels on one end and handles on the other for easy mobility. Keep your team busy by getting in quality work with this multi-station training center. The benefits of this product are two-fold; on one side one hitter can work on increasing his strength and power with the Power Bag while another hitter can work on his swing mechanics with the Zone Hitter on the other side. This is the perfect dual hitting station for players who want to increase power and swing efficiency!!

Develop Hitting Power! Muhl Balls are designed to train hitters to be strong through contact, increase power, and encourage good hip rotation.

Power Bag Stand Powerbag Arm Replacement Part Powerbag Cable Replacement Part
Power Bag Stand
Our Price: $249.00
The Power Bag Stand is a sturdy steel stand that will accommodate either the Power Bags or the Zone Hitter.

It is made of 2 1/2" square steel tubing. Powder Coated for outdoors durability.

The are wheels on one end and handles on the other to roll unit around.
This replacement part comes with a set of U-bolts, a back plate, and pack of bolts that allows you to hang your Power Bag with ease. This replacement part will hold your Powerbag.
24" Drop Rod Powerbag Replacement Part Junior Powerbag (Bag Only) 19" Drop Rod Powerbag Replacement Part
This replacement part is for the medium and large Powerbags. Junior Powerbag (Bag Only) This replacement part is for the junior Power Bag.
Medium Powerbag (Bag Only) Large Powerbag (Bag Only)
Medium Powerbag (Bag Only)
Our Price: $139.95
Large Powerbag (Bag Only)
Our Price: $159.95
Medium Powerbag (Bag Only) Large Powerbag (Bag Only)