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Training Gear for coaches, training aids, hitting aids, fielding aids, protective screens and batting cages

Muhl Tech has been the leader in developing high quality training aids and practice equipment since 2001. We strive to manufacturer durable high quality baseball equipment of institutional quality. Our
batting tees, infield training gloves, power hitting aids, pitching targets, soft toss machine, training bats, batting cages, field screens and soft toss nets are used by high school and colleges all around the country. When your team needs quality hitting stations and training equipment, Muhl Tech Baseball and Softball training equipment will fulfill your needs.
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3D Pro Pitching Target Power Bag Muhl Training Bats
Our Price: $169.95
Price starts at $199.95
Our Price: $79.95
3D Pro Pitching Target Power Bag Muhl Training Bat
The Muhl Tech 3D Pro Pitching Target is a great pitcher's aid for both baseball and softball.
Develop Hitting Power!
The Power Bag will help hitters learn to drive through the ball, develops lower body torque and helps increase ball exit speeds.
Muhl Training Bats will help a hitter develop a compact swing, develop strength, improve eye hand coordination and do it all while using regualar baseballs and softballs. You can even take daily batting practice with a Muhl Training Bat.
90 Second Net Advanced Skills Tee Infield Training Glove
Our Price: $109.00
Our Price: $99.00
Our Price: $34.95
90 Second Net Advanced Skills Batting Tee Infield training glove or pancake glove.
Sets up in 90 Seconds or less!
Light weight, yet sturdy, the 90 Second Net goes anywhere easily and sets up quickly. Heavy duty netting will last for years. Steel tubing frame for durability.
Advanced Skills Tee batting tees are simply the best all-around batting tees available. Unlike traditional batting tees, the AST has a forward arm to eliminate "dipping" or uppercut type swings and a flexible outside barrier to eliminate "casting" and looping bats simultaneously during batting practice. The unique brush cup ball holder gives a clean swish through the ball.
The Muhl Tech infield training glove, also known as a pancake glove, is designed to help re-enforce proper fielding techniques.  The flat surface of the glove forces the fielder to use two hands softly when fielding the ball and also get the hands out in front of the body. The infield training glove is also perfect for having infielders practice turning double plays.

Made of 100% leather with rawhide lacing. Adjustable wrist strap for fitting different hand sizes.
Batting Cage Door Brush Top Tee
Our Price: $199.00
Our Price: $79.95
Batting Cage Door Baseball and Softball Brush Top Batting Tee
The All New Batting Cage Door makes crawling under your net a thing of the past.
Get a clean “swish” through the ball! The extremely durable Brush Top Tee makes batting tee work more like hitting a ball suspended in the air. The brush gives a clean “swish” through the ball and last up to 10 times longer than conventional rubber batting tees. The Brush Top batting tee is molded from durable polyurethane to stand up to the most rigorous batting practice sessions.

Muhl Tech Baseball and Softball is the leader in inovative training aids.

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Our Price: $179.00
Sale Price: $159.00
You save $20.00!

 Soft toss has never been easier. The perfect choice for baseball or softball, simply press the release lever with your bat and the ball will roll down and drop onto the adjustable rebounder, and bounce right into the hitting zone for perfect soft toss everytime!

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