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ISO One Hand Training Bat One Hand Muhl Mini Pitch Location Mat
ISO one hand training bat
Our Price: $29.95
One Hand Muhl Mini
Our Price: $39.95
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Pitch Location Mat
Our Price: $34.95
The ISO Bat™ is great for one-arm isolation training.  Made of bamboo, it is extremely durable and will withstand heavy usage. 21"long and 20oz. The One Hand Muhl Mini is the perfect training aid for squaring up baseballs on the barrel. The barrel is 9" in length and only 1" in diameter so it forces the hitter to watch the ball all the way in. This product is also 28oz so it helps the hitter build up forearm strengh while using it. The One Hand Muhl Mini is perfect for both tee work and soft toss and will make your regular bat feel light and make the barrel seem huge! Marked for LH or RH hitters, the Pitch Location Mat allows you to actually "see" where to make contact and where to drive the ball based on pitch location. Designed for use with the Advanced Skills Tee, the Brush Top Tee and the Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine, the mat is also invaluable as a throw down plate/mat for live arm and soft toss hitting drills. As a throw down plate it provides a reference for the batter to “hit the ball where it’s pitched”. Made of 1/4" thick solid rubber material. Molded graphics to reduce wear
MAD BAT Training Bat Muhl Training Bat Muhl Stub One Hand Training Bat
Our Price: $59.95
Muhl Training Bats
Our Price: $79.95
Muhl Stub
Our Price: $79.95
The Mad Bat training bat prevents premature wrist rolling, improves eye hand coordination and forces the hitter to keep the hands inside the ball. It can be used with "real" baseballs and softballs. No need switching to plastic balls. Muhl Training Bats will help a hitter develop a compact swing, develop strength, improve eye hand coordination and do it all while using regualar baseballs and softballs. You can even take daily batting practice with a Muhl Training Bat. The Muhl Stub™ is a shorter version of the Muhl that gives the user 2 tools in one. At 22" and with a 1" barrel, it's the perfect length for doing single arm drills. Most of the 24 oz. weight is close to the hands giving the batter optimal control. Lead arm drills are great for strengthening the pull arm, which is typically a hitters weaker arm. At game time simply attach the weight and you have a perfect on-deck bat at 52 oz. The short nature of the weighted Stub makes it great for strength training drills too. Pitchers even use it for stretching the shoulder joint. The Muhl Stub is for batting drill-training purposes only, and is not intended for any purpose other than specified.